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The stepping stone for every bright future begins with a dream. For a dream to flourish, it requires the perfect ground to thrive on. Consultancy dAh aims to be this very foundation on which you can count while pursuing study in Canada. For all those aspiring students looking forward to pursuing academics in Canada, Consultancy dAh serves as the single point of contact for Canada only. Witnessing your own story of conquest as you earn your spot in a reputed Canadian university is our ultimate goal.

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Rather than being a mere consultancy, Consultancy dAh aspires to be your companion, assisting you to navigate the path to Canada. The rigorous research, years of experience,and expertise of the dynamic trio of professional experts have made them well aware of every nooks and corner of applying to Canada for study. Thereby, leaving no space for attempts but
an assured success for students applying to Canada.

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The exceptional team of experts, adept counselors, and in-house migration agents will join and assist you every step of your track to Canada from the very beginning with an application to the departure. Watching you own your success by getting enrolled in top-notch canadian institutions as per your caliber is what we truly work and look forward to. Above all, serving you value by easing your journey to pursue study in Canada with the right guidance and counseling is our utmost priority.

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We just don’t sell promises. We are committed to wing your abroad study dream. Delivering Happiness and clarity to achieve success.


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Tap into the world of countless possibilities of an international study by exploring free consultation with our certified experts. The team of experts will make your journey to international study easier and smoother with correct steps and guidance throughout the process. Watching students achieve their dream and owning their victory to excellent academic study is what we truly strive for.

The experience gathered by our experts can truly turn your academic possibility into a reality. We do this by specialized counseling with students to get a better understanding of their career needs and goals. This is followed up by finding the best solutions and aligning them with top academic institutions where they truly can pursue their passion. Assisting students to reach their maximum potential with international study opportunities is our core strength.

Top Universities to Study in Canada

Study in the Top Ranked University in Canada. Education at it's best.

Top Colleges to Study in Canada

Study in the Top Ranked Colleges in Canada. Education at it's best.

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The trio of experts will guide you in every path of your Canadian Process.This dynamic team happens to be certified themselves and thereby, can best navigate you in your journey.


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We help you grow your career through top-notch academic institutions across Canada.The years of proven expertise in this field and unparalleled knowledge make it all possible for us to find your dream institutions.


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The credibility of in-house migration agents will assist you to avoid unnecessary hassles and proceedings for visas and save your time and energy. We provide visa counseling sessions and visa assistance support.


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The ambience and amenities are designed so that students can get comfortable while preparing for their academic careers.


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From application processing to test preparation and even sharpening/composing you for departure, we got your back.


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Well aware of the stress that students face,empowering you with the perfect environment with a wide variety of free learning resources. Preparing you globally.

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    Frequently asked questions

    The admission requirements to study in Canada from Nepal may vary with each educational institution or the level of study or the type of program you are willing to pursue. However, the general admission requirements are - IELTS 6/6.5 (with no band less than 6) - 70% on average in 12th grade (if applying for undergraduate program) - Proof that you have enough funds to support your education and living expenses during your stay in Canada
    The actual cost to study in Canada from Nepal depends on many aspects such as; university/college, the program you choose, level of study you are going to pursue. However, the average cost to study in Canada from Nepal is CAD $13,000 to CAD $20,000 per year for undergraduate students, CAD $17,000 to CAD $25,000 per year for a postgraduate master’s degree.
    There are various types of scholarships available for Nepalese students in Canada. However, the most popular types of scholarships are; Fully-funded Scholarships and Partial Funded Scholarships.
    Scholarship for Nepalese students in Canada is surely difficult but not impossible to achieve. You can fill-up the form of application and meet the criteria set by the College/university you’re applying to, wait for any kind of update from the institution, and discuss the amount you need to pay if you got a partial scholarship and if you got a full scholarship, congratulations.
    Canada typically provides three intakes for international students; Fall Intake, Winter Intake, and Summer/Spring Intake. Fall intake (i.e. September intake) is considered to be the major intake in Canada providing students with wide options of programs and educational institutions. And the Summer/Spring intake is considered the least popular intake among international students.
    Among the three intakes provided by Canada for international students (i.e. Fall Intake, Winter Intake, and Summer/Spring Intake); Fall intake is the most popular one among students. Fall or September intake is the major intake offering a wide range of courses by many universities and colleges.
    Yes, one can study in Canada without IELTS. Canadian universities have alternatives for students who don’t have IELTS. The alternatives to IELTS include other Language Proficiency Tests like; PTE, CPE, Canadian Academic English Language (CAEL), Cambridge English Exams, etc.
    International students are required to take an approved English language test to study in Canada. Students should be aware that the academic institution to which they're applying allows English language tests before they register for it. The English tests that are generally accepted by Canadian educational institutions are IELTS, CAEL, PTE, Cambridge Assessment English, etc.
    The good thing about Canada is that the Canadian Government allows international students to work for 20 hours a week. Getting a part-time job while studying in Canada is not that easy but it is not hard as well. One can keep looking for a part-time job that suits them.
    Canada is home to many top-listed universities in the world that are worldwide known for providing high-quality education. Also, Canada has one of the highest literacy rates in the world. However, the top university in Canada to study for Nepalese Students are the University of Toronto, the University of Regina, the University of Prince Edward Island, York University, and the list goes on.