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If you are a Nepalese student considering studying abroad, Canada can be the best destination for your higher studies. If you are considering going to Canada for higher studies, you have made the best decision. Canada is well known for its well known and quality education all over the world. After deciding to study in […]

Study in Canada, Top Courses in Canada

For people who like giving guests outstanding service and making their stays unforgettable, the hotel management sector provides a stimulating and fulfilling professional path. A hotel management degree to study in Canada can be the best course for international students if you have a strong interest in people, travel, and the inner workings of a […]

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Canada has always been a popular destination for immigrants looking for greater job opportunities and a higher standard of living. Canada has a strong economy and welcoming immigration regulations, so there are several job opportunities for immigrants. In this article, we’ll discuss the top highest paying jobs in Canada for international students after completing their […]

Canada Student Visa, Masters in Canada, Top Courses in Canada, Universities in Canada

A degree in data science and analytics is an excellent approach to begin your career in this rapidly growing sector. Studying data science and analytics in Canada is a popular choice for international students. Students can choose from a variety of undergraduate and graduate degrees in data science and analytics offered by Canadian universities. In […]

Study in Canada, Live in Canada

Canada has become a top destination for Nepali students seeking quality education and diverse opportunities. It can be a tough task to navigate the application procedure and visa requirements. To make the process go more smoothly, that is where educational consultancies enter the picture. In this blog, we will discuss the top 10 consultancies in […]

Canada Student Visa, Study in Canada

No doubt, to get a Canadian visa SOP plays a crucial role – a well-written Statement of Purpose (SOP) for Canada is extremely important. No matter whether you’re trying for permanent residency, work permits, or study permits, your SOP is considered a private record that has the power to either strengthen or disqualify the success […]

Canada Student Visa, Study in Canada

Canada is one of the most preferred countries for international students. After the latest IRCC Update Canada many students are in chaos of rule. what rule will be applicable to new applicants and old applicants in 2024. The government now clearly mentioned the new requirements for students who receive applications on or after January 22, […]

Canada Student Visa, Canada PR

Attestation letter is one of the hot topics for students applying for Canada. According to a recent change from IRCC, nepalese students need to submit a letter. However, there are some exemptions. First of all, What is an attestation letter? An attestation letter is a document that students need to get before applying to Canada […]

Study in Canada, Canada Student Visa, Universities in Canada

With the recent update from Canada many students are interested in enrolling at Master’s programs. These programs offer many advantages to international students in Canada. Some benefits are dependent on working full time, PGWP, easy PR pathway and more. Recently the Lakehead university has expanded its application to a master program to motivate the international […]

Canada PR, Live in Canada, Study in Canada

In the last few years, Canada has been welcoming country to international students, who want to study, work, or live there. Canada has great opportunities, especially in technology, education, and healthcare. If you are consider applying for Canada, understanding the eligibility criteria and application requirements for Permanent Residency (PR) is important.  What is Canada’s PR Point […]

Canada PR, Canada Student Visa, Live in Canada

In recent times, Canada has become a popular choice for global students, providing excellent education Besides great education, Canada offers a chance for a bright future through Permanent Residency (PR).  If you are a student wanting to Study in Canada from Nepal, apply for a PR in Canada and you have queries, this blog is for you! […]

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To all the international students making their dreams come true in Canada, we have some exciting news that will impact your study and career goals. The Canadian government has just made a big announcement that international students can work full time in Canada until April 30, 2024.  This is a huge opportunity, allowing you to […]

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A highly anticipated guide for those getting ready for the January 2024 intake in Canada took place in Kathmandu Banquet, Thapagaun, on November 25, 2023. The expert advice assured a smooth path for a successful journey abroad. The announcement was made across social media platforms by Consultancy Dah, drawing in more than 500 eager participants […]

Study in Canada

Thinking about joining Mohawk College? We know how difficult choosing the right college can be. Recently, Consultancy Dah organized an interactive session where students could meet experts and professionals from Mohawk College. These seminars were a great opportunity for those planning to study abroad to gain insights and information. Introduction: The event went really well, […]

Study in Canada, Live in Canada, Universities in Canada

Are you dreaming of studying in Toronto, Canada? Looking for the perfect opportunity to explore your options and get answers to all your questions? Well, look no further because Consultancy Dah hosted a “study in Canada at Lambton College”, event, where representatives from Lambton College visited. This event was really informative and helpful for everyone […]

Study in Canada, Live in Canada

For international students, this question is not only important but also a key part of their study-abroad experience. Earning a living as an international student in Canada is essential to cover expenses, gain work experience, and enhance financial independence.  This blog will assist you in learning about how much can a student earn in Canada […]


Starting your educational journey in Canada is an exciting adventure filled with opportunities. But getting everything right, like visa applications and university admissions, can be complicated. That’s why choosing the best consultancy for Canada in Nepal is so important.  In this detailed guide, we’ll explore what makes Consultancy dAh the top choice for your educational […]

Study in Canada

Canada is considered one of the most affordable countries in the world and this blog will assist you in knowing about the total cost to study in Canada from Nepal. Studying abroad can be costly, but Canada is one country where high-quality education is available at an affordable price compared to many other countries. However, when trying […]

Study in Canada, Colleges in Canada, Universities in Canada

Canadian Universities and Colleges are a popular choice among overseas educational destinations for those interested in earning an international degree. Thousands of students from all around the globe choose to pursue their education in this ambitious country with world-class universities. Overseas students benefit from superior education, a pleasant environment, and excellent infrastructure at top colleges in Canada for […]

Study in Canada

Without a doubt, the country possesses the entire magic recipe: academic excellence, good infrastructure, a welcoming environment reflecting that Canada is home to different cultures, and the best curriculum in Canada, including the top undergraduate diploma courses.  With numbers increasing year after year, Canada has become one of the largest and most popular destinations for […]

Study in Canada

Do you want to learn more about Scholarship for Nepalese students in Canada? Isn’t that why you’re here, right? Every year, thousands of students seek to study in Canada, which offers everything a person needs to flourish and grow: a safe country, limitless employment opportunities with high earnings, one of a kind education system. Though Canadian Education […]

Study in Canada, Top Courses in Canada

If we were to find the closest word to describe Canada, then that would be the fairy godmother. We mean the country has the complete recipe of magic: academic excellence, great infrastructure, inclusive environment, and best courses. These all perks have developed the expertise of Canada among students with a wide array of educational opportunities. […]

Study in Canada, Top Courses in Canada

Canada is an ideal country for higher studies among nepalsese students. The country is known for many research-intensive universities and a high-quality education system. Education from Canada is valued and respected worldwide. If you are planning to study PhD programs in Canada for nepalsese students, it might be your wisest decision. Many researchers along with international […]

Study in Canada, Study Medicine in Canada

Canada is a popular study location for those who want to study abroad. Students applying to study pharmacy in Canada can learn everything there is to know about pharmacy at top colleges that take a distinct approach to teaching. Pharmacology, the study of pharmacy, is the study of making and distributing pharmaceuticals. In this blog, […]

Study in Canada, Study Medicine in Canada, Top Courses in Canada

According to Canadian Nurses Association, Canada requires 60,000 plus nurses by 2024. And Canada will always welcome nepalese nursing students thanks to its growing number. Choosing to study nursing in Canada for nepalese students will give you the opportunity to study in cutting-edge clinical facilities and learn under the supervision of industry experts. As an nepalese […]

Top Courses in Canada, Colleges in Canada, Universities in Canada

Students who have passed their 12th-grade look for outstanding opportunities in nursing courses in Canada. Since Canada is ahead in education, and students apply to pursue their higher education and a better tomorrow, it should not come as a surprise that nepalese students enjoy their stay in Canada. One of the greatest educational systems in the world […]

Study in Canada, Study Medicine in Canada, Top Courses in Canada

Canada has been one of the popular education destinations among international students. Canada is itself a natural nation with fresh air and a clean environment. Students who want to study MPH programs in Canada for nepalese students can experience an education system that has no comparison to other nations. Canada’s education is one of a kind and […]

Study in Canada, Colleges in Canada, Masters in Canada

Studying for a Masters in Information Technology in Canada for Nepalese Students is an opportunity that everyone seeks out because the country is home to several top-ranked colleges that provide top-notch education. Canada is thriving in terms of IT development, and students looking to study abroad at a prestigious college should look no further than Canada. Table […]

Study in Canada, Masters in Canada

Choosing to study Masters in Canada from Nepal is an excellent decision! Canada is a world leader in education, with top universities and Colleges that offer a high-quality education. The demand for skilled manpower is constantly increasing in Canada. As such, many students are studying masters in Canada from Nepal. Canada has everything students usually look for […]

Study in Canada

Canada has become the land where dreams come true for many students. It consistently tops the list of the most desired destinations to live, work, and study. From the natural scenic beauty of Canada, and best health prospects to qualitative education, Canada has everything one wishes to live a better life. Many Nepalese students seek […]

Study in Canada

After completing high school, students search for better career opportunities to study abroad. What better study destination than Canada? It is no surprise that international students like it here in Canada.  Canada has one of the best educational systems in the world. In addition to first-rate facilities and competent faculty, students who study in Canada after […]

Study in Canada, Top Courses in Canada

From a small pin to rockets, everything needs to be planned, designed, constructed, and maintained by engineers. As students study engineering in Canada for nepalese students will learn from small details to the large aspects of it. Nothing is done without first being designed, and that’s what engineers do.  Canada is ahead of its time in development, […]

Study in Canada

International Students who are interested to study computer science in Canada are aware that Canada has a huge scope in the technology sector. In today’s technologically dependent world, the necessary skills are both transferable and in demand practically all over the world, not only in Canada. Table of Contents Why study Computer Science in Canada? Top Reasons […]

Study in Canada, Study Engineering in Canada, Top Courses in Canada

Biomedical Engineering is the application of engineering principles and problem-solving approaches to biology and medicine. Biomedical engineers employ technology and medical advances to design innovative devices and equipment to improve human health. This intake, apply to study Biomedical Engineering in Canada as the country has various benefits and opportunities for students.  Table of Contents: Study Biomedical Engineering […]

Study in Canada, Top Courses in Canada

Any firm or organization needs an accounting department. Accounting is crucial for business plans and marketing strategies in addition to being crucial for tracking a company’s financial flow. Students apply to study accounting in Canada from Nepal because they are aware that accounting is a popular and well-paid profession and that studying it offers many immigration opportunities. […]

Top Courses in Canada

The horizon of knowledge never really stops, does it? You keep on tapping consecutively from one phase to another into the path of higher education. And before you even realize it, you’ve set your foot into transforming yourself into a credible human being. If you have completed your bachelor’s degree and are planning to study in […]

Study in Canada, Study Medicine in Canada, Top Courses in Canada

What do we do if we doubt there is a problem with our health? Isn’t that obvious? We’d be seeking pharmaceuticals or perhaps a doctor, who is everyone’s necessity. Medical research has progressed since then, people relied on herbs during ancient times, and there is now a variety of technology available for health and medicine. […]

Study in Canada

Studying abroad helps you to expand your career along with your personal horizons. No doubt it is a great way to collect experiences for a lifetime. Studying abroad makes students develop an informed mindset as well as a broader perspective on other cultures and people. But every time the topic of where to comes up, […]

Study in Canada

Most of colleges, Universities, or workplaces in English-speaking countries requires proof of proficiency test before applying for a study permit or work permit. Individuals who wish to study or work in countries where English is used as the primary language are required to do IELTS test preparation.  So in this blog, we will be discussing […]

Study in Canada

Any international students planning to or actually studying in Canada might have stumbled upon this thought. So, how to get PR in Canada after study as a Nepalese Students? Can you even do that? Well, a very short answer to that is yes. And even though many students make their way into Canada, they’re not aware of […]

Canada PR, Live in Canada, Study in Canada

Canada is a dreamland for many international students. But getting a Canada PR comes as they achieve the opportunity to come and study in their dreamland. Everyone dreams of getting Canada PR and asks, “How can I calculate my points for Canada PR?” The question everybody has is, “How can I calculate my points for […]

Part time Jobs in Canada

Canada is where students from all over the world come to study. However, in order to survive in Canada, students must work in addition to learning. They can apply for the best part time jobs for international students in Canada. Living and studying abroad is more challenging than one may imagine. Continue reading our blog to […]

Study in Canada, Top Courses in Canada

Canada, known as the “Land of Immigrants,” has the world’s eighth-largest immigrant population and is continually revising its policies to allow immigrants from all over the world. So, if you want to study in Canada from Nepal, look no further because, in this blog, we’ll go through the best course in Canada to get PR so that […]

Study in Canada, Canada Student Visa

Canada is one of the most developed countries in the world. Many Nepalese students apply for Canada Student Visa from Nepal for their further studies but only a few could make it that far since they do not fulfill the all paperwork and do not examine the factors we must consider before applying for Canada. Study in […]

Study in Canada, Colleges in Canada, Masters in Canada, Study MBA in Canada

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) is one of the most sought-after programs that offer students worldwide a variety of career options. An MBA in Canada encourages students to develop practical business solutions due to its deep understanding of management’s many aspects, practical applications, and experiential learning. For students wishing to study MBA in Canada […]

Canada PR, Study in Canada

The Canada PR requirements are key information for international students who intend to study in Canada.  International students can get an outstanding education and a rewarding job with Canadian PR. While the opportunity to work in Canada is tempting, many people consider the entire procedure a daily nightmare. Read this blog further for the best […]

Study in Canada, Live in Canada

Canada is a country full of respect and people who stand up for what they believe in. Canada is safe for nepalese students as Canadians’ lifestyle reflects the need they have to be part of a group. The country known for ice hockey, maple syrup, and politeness is also known as the safest country for […]

Study Engineering in Canada, Study in Canada, Top Courses in Canada

Aerospace Engineering is the study of airplanes, helicopters, and everything about them. Students from different corners of the world apply to study Aerospace Engineering in Canada.  Due to Canada’s advancement in invention and technology, as well as the country’s institutions and schools’ availability of a range of degrees. Along with that, in Canada, many students from all […]

Study in Canada, Masters in Canada, Top Courses in Canada

The digital marketing industry in Canada is rapidly increasing. A number of Canadian colleges offer bachelor’s, undergraduate, postgraduate diplomas certification programs in digital marketing for International students. The course curriculum is designed to teach the fundamentals of digital marketing and its practical use. Students from Nepal apply to study digital marketing in Canada because the […]

Study Engineering in Canada, Study in Canada

One of the finest decisions one can make in their life is to study abroad in Canada. The ideal study-abroad location for mechanical engineering is Canada. Canada provides everything a student needs to study mechanical engineering since its institutions are among the best in the world and it has a distinctive educational philosophy. They provide […]

Study in Canada, Top Courses in Canada

Canada consists of various different top-ranked and prestigious colleges. The majority of healthcare services and emergency medical services in Canada are covered by the public healthcare system.  Deserving and most of the other students get a scholarship for needy students. Study in Canada from Nepal, and students choosing Dental Diploma Course in Canada, can do […]