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About Us

The global education world has really paved a path for prospective learners to boost their academic careers irrespective of nationality. Access to these opportunities gives any student with freedom to take control and achieve their dream career. However, the path to achieving these opportunities is met with hectic processes and requires various resources and information.

Certified Abroad Experts

The certified experts have worked in the field of abroad study for years. These years of experience have enabled them to have knowledge and information regarding every aspect of international study, simplifying the process of your foreign study.

30+ institutions

Our consultancy remains in up close association with top world-class quality academic institutions. The connection with these reputed academic institutions helps us in finding the home for your passion and career to flourish.

100+ Success Stories

We have been able to help over 1000 students to find their destination for study abroad. Witnessing the success stories of countless students and their victories have truly made us feel a sense of great achievement and continue the work wholeheartedly.


Consultancy dAh strives to be the top consultancy in Nepal, built with a team of exceptional educational consultants, advisors, and in-house migration experts with expertise in the study in Canada process.

Our Mission

We aim to see aspiring students transform into globally competitive learners and witness their stories of success. We do this by guiding them in every minute process of the international study process starting from the admission process, visa application processing, test preparation to departure. So, if success is what you dream of, then be a part of our community, and let us show you the path.

To be the ultimate destination for eager students to study abroad.

To assist students in achieving their dream of studying abroad with the best career consultation.

To be the support system for aspiring students for the overall abroad study process.

Our Vision

With a strong vision of assisting these ambitious students in their study abroad process for a bright future, Consultancy dAh marked its beginning. Drifting from the typical narrative of consultancy, consultancy dah aspires to be the companion to help international students in finding the right destination for their academic endeavors to bloom.

To increase the exposure to opportunities for students pursuing international study by providing counseling and guidance from the experts.

To utilize the expertise of experts in navigating the career path of students in their international study journey.

To be the foundation of every resource required for students in their foreign study process.

Boost your Canada Study with Consultancy dAh

We make sure you Succeed with Right Consultation.
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Connecting You and Your future with abroad study

Consultancy dAh takes you closer to academic excellence with abroad study opportunities. We believe that every student has unique offerings and therefore, is worthy of exploiting opportunities that come with international study. We prepare you to stay ahead at the top of your game with the best career assessment and career counseling. Further, the connection with top-notch academic institutions makes it all easier for you to land in the right destination where you can cultivate your passion and secure a prospective future.

Success Rate

Our Expert Squad

Leaders are what we believe in and we aspire to be. Meet the team who are here to connect you and your dream.

  • Abhinay Adhikari

    Managing Director
  • Hari K Adhikari , PGD, MBA

    Senior Representative
  • Dipesh KC

    Senior Representative
  • Nabin Subedi


We’re here to help
Simplifying your needs, we are here in consultancy dAh office. Open on Weekends too.

Frequently asked questions

Consultancy dAh has a strong team of experts and counselors with years of experience and expertise in terms of abroad study. So, they can provide you with the best guidance on finding the right destination and institutions for your dream career.

We are located in New Baneshwor.

The international countries have opened doors for Nepalese students with a whole lot of opportunities. The cost of studying abroad can really differ depending upon the destination, scholarship assistance received and courses pursued. Consultancy dAh is committed to providing you with the best deals that fit your career needs and goals in your international study process.

Consultancy dAh believes in providing you with the best solution through experts consultation and career counseling. We are a powerhouse of certified experts, have essential resources, and information and also have migration experts who are with you in every step of your international study, making it the most preferred consultancy.

Often misunderstood among students, studying abroad is, in fact, not expensive. It requires careful planning and access to certain crucial information. Consultancy dAh is there to navigate you in your foreign study process with up-close consultation from the experts of the industry themselves.