International Students can work full time in Canada

To all the international students making their dreams come true in Canada, we have some exciting news that will impact your study and career goals. The Canadian government has just made a big announcement that international students can work full time in Canada until April 30, 2024. 

This is a huge opportunity, allowing you to gain more experience and shape your professional path. Get ready for an exciting journey ahead. In this blog will talk about how international students can work full time in Canada.

Introduction: International Students can work full time in Canada

Great news for the International Students in Canada. International Students can work full time in Canada college, even during the academic year, until April 20, 2024. This applies not only to the students already are in Canada but also to the students who are willing to apply for Canada study permit starting from December 7, 2023. It will be a fantastic opportunity to those international students to gain more work experience while studying in Canada. Get more information from the best consultancy for Canada in Nepal, Consultancy Dah.

Understanding the Change: 

In the past years, international students in Canada could only work part-time during the College year. But because of the difficulties caused by the current global situation and the financial struggles many students are dealing with, the Canadian government has made an important change. Now, international students can work full-time not just during breaks but also while classes are ongoing. This is a game changer for students looking to enhance their professional journey while studying in Canada. 

This decision is not just about reducing financial stress. It also shows how much Canada values international students in its education system. The government wants to support students in various subjects by letting them work full-time during breaks, acknowledging and dealing with the specific challenges they might face. 

Benefits for International Students: 

The new rules made by the Canadian government will help students in different subjects by giving them more chances to earn money while they are studying in Canada. This change is not just because of the difficulties we are facing now, but it also shows that the government really wants to make sure international students feel welcome and for their well-being. 

The decision to let students work full-time during breaks is important. It means students from different subjects can now get more work experience and earn money while studying in Canada. The government is aware of the difficulties students face, and this change is meant to help and support them better. 

  1. Financial Empowerment: The update made by the Canadian government for international students by understanding that students often struggle with money. Now, the government is making it easier for them by letting them work full-time while studying. This way, students can handle their school costs and still have enough for everyday life. It is like giving them more financial freedom. 
  1. Professional Development: Having the opportunity to work full-time lets students gain real-world experience. This makes them more skilled and competitive when they look for a job after finishing school. 
  1. Balancing Act: Juggling college and work can be tough for students. Allowing them to work full-time recognizes this challenge and gives them the chance to manage their time well.
  1. Contribution to Canadian Society: International students bring diversity and energy to Canadian schools. Allowing them to work full-time shows that the government wants to create a friendly and welcoming atmosphere for these students. 

Implications for Various Fields of Study: 

The change in work opportunities is not limited to a specific field of study. Whether you are into science, arts, business, or anything else, it is good news for you. This change allows people to use what they learn in real-life situations, making it easier to gain practical experience that is helpful in the working world. 


In conclusion, the recent rule of full-time work opportunities for international students in Canada signals a bright future for their academic and personal development. The extended work options not only enhance academic experiences but also pave the way for professional success.  

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Best Part time Jobs for International Students in Canada

Canada is where students from all over the world come to study. However, in order to survive in Canada, students must work in addition to learning. They can apply for the best part time jobs for international students in Canada.

Living and studying abroad is more challenging than one may imagine. Continue reading our blog to learn more about the best part time jobs in Canada for international students.

Table of Contents

Part time Jobs for International Students in Canada List:

Canada has various opportunities for students who wish to work part time as they study. With some of the best part time jobs for international students in Canada, the country has a wide range of jobs for students. 

Some of the best part time jobs for students in Canada are:

  • Barista
  • Bartender 
  • Ridesharing driver
  • Freelancer
  • Translator 
  • Content Writer
  • Library Assistant 

Barista Jobs in Canada

Being a barista is one of the best part time jobs for international students in Canada. A barista is a person who makes and serves espresso-based coffee beverages. They are often coffee shop employees.

Bartender Jobs in Canada 

A bartender is the most sought part-time job opportunities in Canada among students; they are someone who creates and serves alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages behind the bar, often at a licensed facility. This could be one of the part time jobs for international students in Canada. 

Ridesharing Driver jobs in Canada 

In ridesharing | Uber drivers pick up passengers from the location they’re at and drop them off at their chosen destination, As drivers and passengers share a ride, it’s called ridesharing. 

Freelancing Jobs in Canada 

A freelancing job is one where an individual works for themselves independently of an organization. Even though they accept contract work from businesses and organizations, freelancers are ultimately self-employed.

Translator jobs in Canada 

Translators are one of the most popular industries for international students. They ensure that the translated version correctly conveys the original’s meaning. A translator will translate text from one or more “source languages” into the “target language.”

Content Writer Jobs in Canada. 

A content writer, often known as a web content writer, creates helpful content for websites. Every website has a specific target audience, and to attract visitors, the most appropriate material is required.

Library Assistants jobs in Canada

Library assistants in Canada help librarians manage and operate a library. Their primary responsibilities include assisting customers in discovering books in the library, checking books in and out at the front desk, and sorting books for shelving.

Highest Paying Part time Jobs for International Students in Canada

Some of the highest paying part time jobs for students in Canada are:

S.NPart-time Jobs Salary (per hour)
1Barista CAD 13 to 32
2Dog Walker CAD 13 to 28
3Nanny CAD 9 to 22
4Bartender CAD 10 to 20
5Uber | Ridesharing Driver CAD 13 to 30
6Customer Service Representative CAD 15 to 35
7Content Writer CAD 18 to 36
8Medical Radiological Technologist CAD 22 to 40
9Web Developer CAD 25 to 45
10Graphic Designer CAD 18 to 42

Online Part time Jobs for International Students in Canada

Some of the online part time jobs for students in Canada are:

S.NOnline Part Time Jobs Salary (Per Hour)
1Content Writer CAD 18 to 36
2Programmer CAD 22 to 40
3Web Developer CAD 25 to 45
4Motion Graphics Designer CAD  22 to 40
5Translator CAD 20 to 45 
6Social Media Manager CAD 20 to 35

Part time Field Jobs in Canada for International Students

Some of the part time field jobs in Canada for international students are:

S.NPart Time Field Jobs in Canada Salary (Per Year)
1Food Processing LaborerCAD 13 to 25
2Packaging Supervisor CAD 18 to 36
3Civil Engineering Technician CAD 20 to 35
4Nanny | Babysitter CAD 10 to 25
5Dog WalkerCAD 13 to 28
6Ride Sharing | Uber Driver CAD 12 to 30
7Veterinary Assistant CAD 12 to 25
8Construction Labourer CAD 15 to 28

How do I find Part time Jobs in Canada as a student?

Finding the best part time jobs in Canada for international students might be tough for newcomers because they are unfamiliar with the community and culture. Students might ask their friends and family in Canada to assist them in finding suitable part-time employment in Canada.

Other than that they can use different online platforms to find jobs in Canada, some of them are

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Tips for Resume for Part time Job student Sample Canada

Before writing your resume, one should know what details to include. Missing some details or doing it in an uneven way can result in denial from the applied jobs. The step-by-step process on how to make a resume is listed below:

  • Pick the right style and layout for your resume and don’t forget to include your contact information.
  • Use a resume summary or objective
  • List Your Background & Achievements in the Workplace
  • The Top Hard and Soft Skills You Possess
  • Include extra resume sections for languages, interests, and other things (optional)
  • Specify your information in the job posting.
  • Make a Strong Cover Letter
  • Check for mistakes on your CV|Resume and cover letter.

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Sample for Part Time Student Jobs in Canada

Name: Sudikshya Pokharel

Professional Objective
With 14 months of part-time experience, I am an energetic and cheerful food server. Excellent organizational and customer service abilities. Working experience at places that serve 150+ guests every day. Seeking to contribute to high-quality food service part-time at High Street Eats by using talents and expertise.

Work Experience
Food Server (part-time)
The Coffee Station 
Dec 2016- April 2018
Handled customer orders, advised on promotions, and changed orders to meet the needs of the customer.
Every day, I handled over 80 cash and card transactions.
Professionally handled client requests and concerns and escalated to management as required.
15 new staff were trained on customer service BDPs and how to manage difficult circumstances.

Key Achievements 
Awarded with the best employment of the month. 
Introduced a new kid’s menu choice that sold five times as many meals as the old one.

Greenwich College
Batch 2017, expected to graduate in 2021
BASW (Bachelors of Arts in Social Work)
Relevant coursework: Literature (poetry, fiction, drama), Social Work, Research Methodology, Concepts and Principles of Social Work. 

Excellent Memory
Customer Service 
Ability to work under pressure
Cash and card transactions 
Comncliftys management 

Contact information
(Phone Number)

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Canada Part time Jobs Salary for International Students

Some of the salaries of the part-time jobs for students are: 

S.NPart Time Jobs for International Students Salary (Per hour)
1Content WriterCAD 18 to 40
2SEO SpecialistCAD 20 to 45
3BaristaCAD 13 to 32
4Veterinary Assistant CAD 15 to 30
5Motions Graphic Designer CAD 20 to 40
6Social Media Manager CAD 18 to 36
7. Receptionist CAD 15 to 25
8. Research Assistant CAD 18 to 25

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Conclusion: Part time Jobs for International Students in Canada

Students have a fantastic option of working while studying. They must follow different work regulations and restrictions. With the help of part time jobs in Canada for international students, students can support themselves while continuing their education in Canada by doing part-time jobs independently.

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FAQs on Part time Jobs for International Students in Canada

Which Canadian city is expensive to live in?

According to Mercer’s annual Cost of Living Index, Toronto has displaced Vancouver as Canada’s most expensive city. After moving up nine spots in the world rankings, Toronto is now the 89th most expensive city in the world after moving up nine spots in the worldwide rankings. Vancouver dropped from 93rd place in June 2021 to 108th place overall.

How much can a student work in Canada?

A student may not work more than 20 hours a week during the semester and 30 hours per week during vacations. Working more than this may affect one’s student visa and stay permit for Canada. 

What are the best part time jobs for international students in Canada?

Some of the best part time jobs in Canada for international students are:
Content Writer
Veterinary Assistant
Food packaging manager 
Motion Graphics Designer

What are the online best part time jobs in Canada for international students?

Some of the online part time jobs in Canada for international students are: 
Content Writer
Graphic Designer
Web developer