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How can I Calculate My Points for Canada PR? Best Guide

How can I Calculate My Points for Canada PR

Canada is a dreamland for many international students. But getting a Canada PR comes as they achieve the opportunity to come and study in their dreamland. Everyone dreams of getting Canada PR and asks, “How can I calculate my points for Canada PR?

The question everybody has is, “How can I calculate my points for Canada PR?” In this blog, you will learn all about point calculation for PR eligibility. Read further to find out how. 

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Why is Canada a good country for PR?

Most students must be thinking, “Why Canada?” as there are other nations that give PR to overseas students. Studying and living in Canada is one of the most popular choices among international students. 

Students won’t be able to find a better country that is both highly developed and offers education of the highest caliber with the options available to them. Some of the reasons why Canada is a good country for PR are listed below: 

  • The ability to work and reside in Canada. You can migrate to any province or city in Canada after you get a PR. You are not required to stick with a company, a career, or even a province.
  • Allows you to bring your family along. Your family members will be able to live, study, and work in Canada if they become permanent residents. Certain citizens, however, may be sponsored if they are beyond the age of 18.
  • Children have the right to an education that is free of charge. The Canadian government offers free education up to the 12th grade to all children of permanent residents (up to the age of 18).
  • Safe and Secure Environment. All governmental and legal rights are due to immigrants who have attained permanent status in Canada, as stated in Canadian Charter 6.
  • Universal access to healthcare. Every person with a permanent residency visa in Canada is entitled to free medical care, including any prescription medicines paid for with taxes.

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How many PR Points are required for Canada?

Candidates seeking citizenship or permanent residence (PR) in Canada via the Express Entry system must have a minimum score of 67 points. 67 out of a possible 100 is the minimum PR points required for Canada.

Canada PR Visa Processing Time

“How long will it take for my immigration application to be processed?” is one of the most frequently asked questions by potential Canadian immigrants. So, here’s the answer to the most awaited question. 

How long does it take to process a Canada PR visa?

The processing of the Canada Permanent Residency(PR) Visa takes 5-8 months from the date of obtaining the ITA (Invitation to Apply). 

Canada PR Category List 2021

S.NFactors Maximum Points Available
1.Education 25
2,Official Language Test 28
4.Work Experience 15
5.Adaptability 10
6.Employment 10
_Total Points Available 100

Canada PR Education Evaluation

While students wonder, ‘how can I calculate my PR points for Canada?’, candidates must keep in mind that  education is equally as important as other factors. Education level plays a great role in Canada PR education evaluation. 

S.NEducation Level Points 
1.Secondary School Education 5
2.1-year post-secondary program qualifications or credentials 15
3.2 years post-secondary qualifications or courses 19
4.3 years or longer post-secondary education credential assessment 21
5.2 or more Postgraduate credentials or certificate courses 22
6.Professional Degree or Master’s Degree 23
7.Doctoral Level (Ph.D.)25

Minimum Education Qualification for Canada PR

Students must fulfill the education standards for PR, and if they do not match the requirements, they will not be able to obtain a Canada PR. A Canada PR evaluation is done, focusing on various elements such as minimum educational qualifications and the courses they’ve taken.  

The minimum educational qualification for Canada PR is a bachelor’s degree. They must at least complete their undergraduate level of study. If they have higher education qualifications, that’s good, but if they have lower than that, it will decrease their chances for Canadian PR. 

Best Course in Canada to get PR: Which Courses are in PR list in Canada?

Canada has various courses for students to get PR. Some of the best courses in Canada to get PR are:

  • MBA
  • IT & Computer Science 
  • Finance and economics 
  • Engineering
  • Medicine and healthcare

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Is TOEFL accepted for Canada PR?

Sadly, the IRCC does not accept the TOEFL for Canadian immigration or permanent residency(PR). Express Entry and other options only recognize IELTS General Training and CELPIP General as valid English language tests.

Canada PR Points for English Official Language Test

CLB Level Speaking Listening Reading Writing Scores given per ability 

Second Official Language 

CLB Level Speaking Listening Reading Writing Points 

Canada PR English Test Requirement

To apply for Canada PR through Express Entry, candidates must have at least a CLB 7 score in language proficiency or an overall IELTS score of 6.0. For each program, there are different language proficiency requirements.

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Canada PR Points for Age

Age (in years)PR Points 
47 or older 0
Under 180

Canada PR Work Experience Points

S.NWork Experience in Canada Points
1.Above 6 years 15
2.4-5 years 13
3.2-3 years 11
4.1 year 9

How many points for work experience for Canada PR? 

Depending on the number of years you worked in Canada, you will get different points. While candidates who have experience of 6 years or more will get a maximum of 15 points. Those with 4-5 years will get a maximum of 13 points. With the experience of 2-3 years, they’ll have 11 points, and with just 1 year, they’ll have 9. 

Can I apply for Canada PR without any work experience?

The system will not recognize the qualifications if candidates don’t have a complete year of experience. Students must have at least one year of experience for the Express Entry programs in order to apply for Canada PR.

Canada PR Points for Adaptability

Adaptability points add necessary PR points as students may wonder ‘how can I calculate my points for Canada PR?’ Having your spouse or relatives in Canada can add the points you need to get Canada PR. 

S.NAdaptability Factors Maximum Points 
1.If your partner or spouse’s CLB level is four or higher,5
2.If your partner or spouse has done any post-secondary courses or has studied in Canada,5
3.Having done any previous research or study in Canada 
4.Having any relatives in Canada5
5.If your partner or spouse has previous work experience in Canada5
6.Any kind of arranged employment in Canada5
7.Previous work experience in a skilled occupation in Canada for at least one year10

Canada PR Points for Employment

Students get a maximum of 10 points based on different factors, better if it’s arranged employment. But to gain the points, students should meet one of the following criteria on Canada PR points for Employment. 

  • If you presently work in Canadian territory and hold a work visa, a provincial or territorial agreement, or a job that exempts you from the LMIA,
  • If you presently work as a skilled trades worker and hold a permit based on the Labour Market Impact Assessment.
  • if you are currently employed in Canada and have an open work permit or other relevant authorization.

Canada PR Jobs List: What are the best Canada PR Jobs?

Some of the best PR jobs in Canada are:

  • Accountant
  • Software Engineer
  • IT Project Manager
  • Business Analyst 
  • Web Developer 
  • Dentist 

Check PR points Canada | How can I check my points for Canada PR?

Applicants need to get at least 67 points to be eligible for the Express Entry Canada PR program. A candidate will not be eligible for the express admission program if their score is less than 67. 

We cannot give ourselves the required PR points. What we can do is prepare ourselves for the best points we can score. The following suggestions/strategies help to check PR points for Canada:

  • Making sure you’re good with the French and English language
  • Earning a second certificate or degree
  • A career opportunity in Canada
  • Earning good work experience for as many years as you can
  • Getting a work permit and engaging in some sort of employment 

How much is Canada PR Visa Fees? 

The cost of the primary applicant’s PR visa is CAD 850, plus a CAD 51 right to PR fee. A spouse, common-law partner, or family member must pay CAD 850 in addition to CAD 515 for the right to PR. Candidates younger than 22) – 230 CAD. 

List of Medical Test for Canada PR

One needs to be in their best health for Canada PR. Without that, their application may be rejected by the authorities. From thorough checkups to some major tests, Canada asks for everything and wants candidates with the best health. 

It’s best to make a list of medical tests for Canada PR so nothing is left out. The following crucial medical examinations are performed in preparation for your Canadian immigration:

  • Through physical examination
  • Chest X-Rays 
  • Blood Test
  • Urine Test

List of documents required for Canada PR from Canada

  • Birth Certificate
  • Proof of Funds for an Evaluation of Passport Education Credentials (ECA)
  • the test’s results for language
  • Offer letter from a Canadian employer
  • Provincial Nomination Certificate or Territorial Certificate of Nomination
  • Marriage licenses or divorce judgments (if applicable)
  • A unique reference number for you
  • Associated Express Entry number
  • Potential validation code
  • Photographs
  • Police Verification Report
  • letter of recommendation from previous employers
  • Written job offer from an employer in Canada 

Conclusion on How can I Calculate My Points for Canada PR

With the question being, ‘how can I calculate my points for Canada PR’, students struggle to find the answer. Differentiating factors such as Age, Employment, Work Experience, Adaptability, and language skills help score points for Canada PR. 

Consult with Consultancy Dah for more guidance on how can I calculate my points for Canada PR. We will help you with the factors affecting PR points and the points you have to score. 

More related Information:

FAQs on How can I calculate my Points for Canada PR

Is TOFEL accepted for Canada PR?

Unfortunately, the TOEFL is not accepted by the IRCC for Canadian immigration or permanent residency (PR). Only IELTS General Training and CELPIP General are recognized as legitimate English language examinations by Express Entry and other choices.

Can I apply for Canada PR without any work experience?

If candidates don’t have a full year of experience, the system won’t accept their credentials. In order to qualify for Canada permanent residence under the Express Entry programs, students must have at least one year of work experience.

How much is Canada PR Visa Fees? 

The principal applicant’s PR visa will cost CAD 850 in addition to a CAD 51 right to PR charge. In addition to paying CAD 515 for the right to PR, a spouse, common-law partner, or family member must also pay CAD 850. younger than 22 candidates) – 230 CAD.

How long does it take to process a Canada PR visa?

From the time the ITA is obtained, the Canada Permanent Residency(PR) Visa procedure takes 5-8 months (Invitation to Apply).

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