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Study in Canada, Live in Canada

Is Canada Safe for Nepalese Students

Is Canada safe for international students to study in

Canada is a country full of respect and people who stand up for what they believe in. Canada is safe for nepalese students as Canadians’ lifestyle reflects the need they have to be part of a group.

The country known for ice hockey, maple syrup, and politeness is also known as the safest country for nepalese students. Apart from that Canada is considered as the Contacting Less expensive Country to study in.

In this blog lets discuss how is Canada safe for Nepalese Students to study in .

Work and Study in Canada

The door of Canada is always open to students for study, employment, and business. 911 during any emergency in Canada is better than any other option. The number is the authority for police, fire, and ambulance services throughout Canada. Any emergency, large or small, should be reported to the authorities.

Transportation Safety In Canada

Transportation is very important for any place to move from one place to another. On the other hand, the emergency action must be safe to ride on and safely drive us to our destination. In Canada, taxis are the best transportation service because they run on a meter and don’t take extra fares. Similarly, buses are safe, but they are crowded late at night.

Walking Safety in Canada

Walking should always be done with caution, not just in Canada but everywhere. Canada has the facility of  “safety escorts” and transportation for students traveling around campus during late hours. 

Apartment Safety In Canada

For apartment safety in Canada, one needs to use all the safety precautions, such as locking the doors and windows properly. Strangers should not be allowed in the apartment. A camera should be kept on hand in case of an accident. The key to the apartment must be kept safely.

Public Safety In Canada While Drinking And Parties

In Canada, it is illegal to drink alcohol in public places like parks, bench, or on the street. ID cards or passports must be carried if you want to purchase alcohol or go to bars. Drugs are illegal in Canada, so if an nepalese student is found with drugs, they will be deported from Canada.

Nepalese Student Safety in Canada 

Canada is one of the safest places for nepalese students to study and work. In Canada, a department known as Security Services is available to answer any questions you may have about personal safety of nepalese students in Canada. Lots of colleges in Canada are safe, welcoming, and diverse for all of the students.

One of the advantages of living on campus is that there is 24-hour security measures for students, in addition to the fact that this country is the safest in the world. On the other hand, Canada is a  welcoming country with a uniquely Canadian culture that embraces diversity.

Tips for Student Safety in Canada

Canada is determined to be the safest country for students to study in. There are various tips that students need to follow in Canada for increased safety.

  • Call 911 if necessary: All students should be aware that 911 is an emergency contact number that should be used in the event of an emergency. In the event of an accident, calling 911 is the best option for student support services.
  • Always use a familiar route or path: International students should always use a familiar route or path for more safety. This will help the student remember the route until they recognize it.
  • Always keep in touch with your friends and family: Being far from our friends and family makes it very important to keep in touch with them. Keeping in touch with friends and family helps us share the ups and downs we are facing in our lives. Sharing our activities helps build stronger attachments with friends and family.
  • Always be alert: Wherever you are, you need to be alert. We need to be prepared for any situation we are about to face in Canada. We must not get lost in our own narrow tunnel vision and selfish ways and miss things we can improve.
  • Personal information should not be shared: Sharing personal information is a no-no. Strangers can use it for criminal activity, which we may face in the future. If we share information more than necessary, people may touch the private sector of our lives.
  • Know your limits: Never forget your limits, whatever you do, such as drink or party. Most international students always get deported while going off-limits.
  • Focus on your goals: Whenever a student goes far from their family, they can always get distracted from their goals. They are free to go clubbing, partying, and drinking, and all their focus on their goal may get distracted.

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What to Do in Case of an Emergency as a Student in Canada?

Without a doubt, nepalese students are safe at the majority of Canadian universities. Students may get in touch with the office for foreign students if they are in an unpleasant circumstance. For the safety of foreign students, the professors are constantly on hand to handle any issue.

Similar to this, international students may simply call 911 if they are having issues off campus or anywhere else. All students, especially foreign students, have access to 911 twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. 

Conclusion: Is Canada Safe for Nepalese Students?

Canada’s multicultural environment and diverse population has earned it a reputation as one of the best and safest countries in the world to live in. Additionally, the Canadian government looks after its students, whether domestic or international. And that’s the reason why Canada is safe for nepalese students. 

Anytime they require assistance, nepalese students can contact the university’s administration or call 911. If you wish to attend internationally renowned institutions and universities in Canada, a safe and secure nation, get in touch with Consultancy Dah.

For further queries and counseling you can contact Consultancy dAh.

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