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Top 10 Consultancies in Nepal for Canada

Top 10 consultancies in Nepal for Canada

Canada has become a top destination for Nepali students seeking quality education and diverse opportunities. It can be a tough task to navigate the application procedure and visa requirements. To make the process go more smoothly, that is where educational consultancies enter the picture.

In this blog, we will discuss the top 10 consultancies in Nepal for Canada Study that will help you locate the best Canadian college of your dreams.

Why do Nepalese Students choose Canada for Study?

Canada is becoming a more and more popular study-abroad option for students from Nepal. Canadian universities and colleges are internationally renowned for their top-notch educational programs. With so many programs and courses to pick from and such high educational standards, Nepalese students are sure to find the ideal fit for their academic and professional goals.

Why are Canadian Education Consultancies Required?

In a Nutshell, Canadian education consultancies are required to make visa processing hassle-free and provide proper guidance for Nepali students. They help Nepali students to submit applications for study visas to Canada. They will help you with every step of the visa application process, including selecting a school and submitting the required documentation. It may surprise you to know that many students with average profiles have been enrolled in the top colleges and universities in Canada of their choice. It is possible because of the guidance of international education consultants.

List of Top 10 Consultancies in Nepal for Canada:

Here is the list of the best and top consultancies of Canada in Nepal that provide excellent services and have experienced experts to guide the students:

  1. Consultancy dAh
  2. CIC Education Hub
  3. CIC Education Hub Birtamode
  4. CIC Education Hub Pokhara
  5. Canada Study Center
  6. Canada Study Center Butwal 
  7. Canada Study Center Chitwan
  8. Canada Study Center Itahari
  9. BBC Global Education
  10. Future Point Education Consultancy

1. Consultancy Dah:

Consultancy dAh is one of the best consultancy in Nepal for Canada which is known for the expertised consultancy for Canada. We provide personalized guidance and support throughout the entire process, from choosing the right course and university to visa application assistance.

With its excellent track record and professional approach, Consultancy Dah deserves a mention when it comes to assisting Nepalese students in their journey to Canada. With a strong network of connections, Consultancy Dah can provide students with insightful information about the different provinces and institutions in Canada. We offer comprehensive support in the entire application process, from selecting the right program to preparing for interviews and exams. They support and guide you through the Canada visa application procedure so you can relocate abroad hassle-free.

Services Offered:

  • University and college admissions
  • Scholarship application assistance
  • Visa application support
  • Pre-departure guidance

Location: New Baneshwor, Kathmandu, Nepal

Contact: 01-4564083/84, 01-4560127/28,

Email: info@consultancydah.com

2. CIC Education Hub:

With an outstanding reputation, CIC Education Hub is one of Nepal’s top 10 consultancy in Nepal for Canada hoping to study in Canada from Nepal for students. With a wealth of knowledge and a committed team of experts, CIC Education Hub provides students with professional advice on every step of their journey, from choosing the best program and university to applying for a visa.

They take great satisfaction in their individualized approach, making sure that each student gets support and attention that are specific to their needs. For Nepalese students hoping to pursue an education in Canada, CIC Education Hub is one of the best canadian consultancy in Nepal.

Services Offered:

  • Study permit and student visa application assistance
  • University Selection and admission support
  • Test Preparation
  • scholarship assistance
  • Educational counseling

Head Office:

Location: Putalisadak Kathmandu, Nepal

Email: head@ciceducationhub.com

Contact: 01-5332834, +977 9851180403

Putalihub Building, Kathmandu:

Location: Putalihub Building, Putalisadak

Contact: 01-5911403 / +977-9845386460

Email: kathmandu@ciceducationhub.com

3. CIC Education Hub Birtamode

CIC Education Hub Birtamode makes every possible effort to provide students with a simple and fast admissions process to many different types of international educational institutions. They offer students full guidance in selecting colleges and universities with affordable tuition fees that best suit their needs, interests, and abilities. 

Advisors guide students based on their educational background, areas of interest, and, in some cases, findings from ability and professional tests. It is known as the best consultancy for Canada in Nepal as well as in Birtamode.

Location: Mukti Chowk, Birtamode, Nepal

Contact: 980-2347640

Email: birtamod@ciceducationhub.com

Website: https://ciceducationhub.com

4. CIC Education Hub Pokhara

It is one of the top study in Canada consultancy in Nepal with international experience that helps students to study in Canada. Students can receive assistance with admission services from the consultancy team members. Students can receive free consultation services from CIC  study abroad consultants in Nepal. For Canadian studies, they offer professional education consulting services. These three branches of CIC are the top 10 consultancy in Nepal for Canada for abroad study programs.

Location: Mahendra Pool, Pokhara, Nepal

Contact: 980-2336913

Email: pokhara@ciceducationhub.com

Website: https://ciceducationhub.com

5. Canada Study Center

Another top consultancy in Nepal for Canada, Canada Study Center is well-known for its dedication to supporting students in realizing their aspirations of pursuing higher education in Canada. They can provide students with a variety of options when it comes to selecting a program and a destination in Canada because of their strong relationships with numerous Canadian institutions.

With their extensive knowledge of the Canadian visa application process, the consultants at Canada Study Center provide invaluable support in preparing the required paperwork and guaranteeing a seamless transition to the country’s educational system. One of the main factors that sets them apart from the competition for potential international students is their commitment to the academic success of their students.

Services offered:

  • Visa Application Support and admission support
  • Pre-Departure Orientation
  • Career and Employment Guidance
  • Scholarship Information

Location: Maitidevi, Kathmandu, Nepal

Contact: +977-4516257, 9818900176

Email: canadiansc@live.ca

Website: https://canadastudycenter.com/

6. Canada Study Center Butwal 

Canada Study Center Butwal is the second branch opened in Butwal to offer comprehensive guidance on various routes to study in Canada, helping clients select the path that best suits their preferences and qualifications. They are an excellent choice because of their success stories and transparent processes.

Their strong presence throughout different parts of Nepal helps clients access their services and supports them in achieving their study abroad goals.

Location: Traffic Chok, Butwal, Nepal

Contact: +977-71590118, 9857033318

Email: canadiansc@live.ca

Website: https://canadastudycenter.com/

7. Canada Study Center Chitwan

Canada Study Center has opened its second branch in Itahari, Nepal. They handle everything like visa applications and straightforwardly offer their services. As the greatest Consultancy, they help their customers apply for student visas in Canada and provide a hassle-free, enjoyable process. CSC can help you select the university and course that works best for you. It is known as one of the top 10 consultancies in Nepal for Canada.

Location: Lions Chowk, Chitwan, Nepal

Contact:+977-56520261, 9866348919

Email: canadiansc@live.ca

Website: https://canadastudycenter.com/

8. Canada Study Center Itahari

Canada Study Center has opened its third branch in Itahari, Nepal. It is a reputed and top consultancy in Nepal for Canada with excellent services and proper guidance. Their understanding clarifies the difficulties, their guidance determines the clear of challenges, and their deep expertise provides you with a competitive edge. No matter whether your goal is to study abroad, this consultancy makes sure to achieve your goals properly.

Location: Itahari, Nepal

Contact: 01-5332834, 01-5332841

Email: canadiansc@live.ca

Website: https://canadastudycenter.com/

9. BBC Global Education

BBC Global Education is the best education consultancy for Canada in Nepal that specializes in providing professional help with the immigration process. Their group of skilled consultants provides individualized services that are tailored to the particular requirements of each client. They have a proven track record of assisting many people in achieving their immigration purposes.

BBC aims to make the immigration process simpler by providing step-by-step assistance and guidance, acknowledging the complexity of the process.

Location: Milanchok, Butwal, Nepal

Contact: 071560175, 9847166934

Email: bbceducation52@gmail.com

Website: https://www.facebook.com/bbceducationalconsultancy

10. Future Point Education Consultancy

Future Point Education is a well-known education consultancy service for Canada. It is a prominent and established business in the field that provides a wide range of immigration and visa services to many people. It is one of the leading consultancies among the top 10 consultancies in Nepal for Canada. It guides students who want to study abroad in Canada. It is one location that provides immigration counselors’ services to help students.

Location: Chipledhunga -04, Pokhara, Nepal

Contact: 984-6147354

Email: futurepoint.ec@gmail.com


What Services do Canadian Education Consultancies Provide?

Some of the important services provided by Canadian Education Consultancies in Nepal include:

  • Profile Evaluation: The consultants work with career counselors who are experienced in evaluating profiles and are aware of your needs. They also offer several suggestions to improve your profile.
  • College or University Shortlisting: They help you create a shortlist of colleges or universities offering the exact courses you want to take. The process of selecting applicants may be based on your professional goals or background.
  • Financial Documents: The counselors provide samples for your reference as they help you prepare your financial documentation for study abroad
  • Editing Services: Additionally, the consultants have a connection to a team of experienced editors who can edit your supporting papers, including resumes, letters of recommendation, admission papers, and effective SOP for Canada.
  • Application Procedure and Documents: Understanding the university application procedure is important. They guide you in completing your application documents before you submit them to the universities you’ve selected.
  • VISA Counselling: This is where most of the rejections occur. However, you may succeed in the visa interview with the support of counselors who offer visa counseling, since they guide you to get prepared through mock interviews.
  • Students and University Conference: This helps you establish personal and professional support with the university to which you are applying.


In conclusion, Nepalese students who wish to study in Canada from Nepal will find great assistance from these leading consultancies. It’s critical to take into account your unique requirements and objectives when selecting a consultancy to identify the best fit for your academic objectives. Thus these top 10 consultancies in Nepal for Canada help students from Nepal realize their dream of a Canadian education by providing them with individualized support, an in-depth understanding of the Canadian educational system, and help with the application and visa processes.


1. Which are the best consultancies for Canada in Nepal?

There are several best consultancies for Canada you can find in Nepal and they are:
Consultancy dAh
CIC Hub Education Putalisadak 
CIC Hub Education Putalihub Building, Putalisadakadak, Kathmandu
CIC Hub Education Birtamode
CIC Hub Education Pokhara
Canada Study Center Maitidevi
Canada Study Center Bagbazar
Canada Study Center New Baneshwor
Canada Study Center kamaladi
Canada Study Center Butwal
Canada Study Center Chitwan
Canada Study Center Itahari
BBC Global Education
Future Point Education Consultancy

2. Which is the top consultancy for Canada in Kathmandu?

Consultancy dAh is the top consultancy in Kathmandu for Canada. With years of experience, they have a successful record in providing Canada student visas hassle-free. The journey of visa processing feels smooth and quick with the guidance of experts and team members. They provide all the services you need to make your abroad travel easier and more comfortable, such as help with applying for admissions, visa processing, pre-departure counseling, and many more.

3. Which consultancy has the highest success rate of Canada student visas in Nepal?

Consultancy dAh has the highest success rate of Canada student visas in Nepal. They provide the best services to students for Canada visas and help prepare excellent documents, SOPs, and Letters of Recommendation(LOR) which is the reason behind the successful results of getting a Canada student visa high.

4. What is the success rate of Canadian visas in Nepal?

The success rate of a Canadian visa depends upon various factors such as academics,  financial documents, Letters of Explanation, and other circumstances of the applicant. It is difficult to find a success rate exactly because it varies by individual, country, and region and changes over time.

5. How much does it cost to study in Canada from Nepal?

The total Cost to Study in Canada from Nepal depends on the college and university fees. You will require between CAD 13,000 and CAD 40,000 every year to study in Canada from Nepal. Recommend to visit, Consultancy dAh to know the total cost to study in Canada from Nepal.

6. How much IELTS score is required for a Canada student visa?

Acquiring a minimum IELTS score of 6.0 in each module for undergraduate programs or 6.5 for graduate programs is recommended. Consultancy dAh provides the service of IELTS test preparation classes at an affordable price and has a successful record of acquiring the highest score in IELTS.

7. How much PTE score is required for a Canada student visa?

The Pearson Test of English (PTE) score needed for a Canadian student visa varies based on the university and program. A minimum overall score of 50 to 61 is often suggested but it’s important to confirm the particular requirements of the university and program you have chosen. Consultancy dAh provides the service of PTE test preparation classes at an affordable price with a successful record of acquiring the highest score in PTE.

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